I can’t say enough nice things about the cruise. Outside of our actual ceremony, it was the highlight of everyone’s trip.

The sliding board wasn’t in use and they said that the water wasn’t deep enough for it. But other than that, everything was as promised. We were able to get out and snorkel and a bunch of us took a smaller boat to Rick’s Cafe. While we were out snorkeling the crew kept an eye on us and made sure we didn’t get too far away from the boat.

The waves were getting rough when we got to Rick’s Cafe, but the crew put safety first and I felt sure that they wouldn’t have pushed it if they couldn’t get us back and forth safely. They were very accommodating and the people who stayed behind on the boat had a good time with the guys. One guy even gave us a dance lesson on the way home when we were trying to remember the moves to a soca dance. LOL

Sabrina P